Main activity

is and always has been to publish stories of adopted or saved cats for free. The story always starts with the this format: TO BE READ: This is our xx shout out @xx and the story follows. Stories include cat´s character, how the human got them and how the adoption changed their lives. Stories can be in different languages. Usually, the cat account gains about 10 new followers and gets around 700 likes on Catlandia page.

Shout outs for nonprofit organizations and shelters.

Other activities

Fundraising for specific cats. Catlandia took part in raising funds for a cat whose paw was broken and her bone was protruding while owners loved him, they couldn’t afford to pay for the surgery. Catlandias made that possible with their donation in less than 12 hours. Other fundraising included eye removal operation for Brazilian kitten. Again, in less than 12 hours Catlandians donated the full amount and the kitten got his surgery appointment the next day. The kitten was adopted by a friend of the lady who found him.