Winter Catlympics 2017

Winter Catlympics were held from March 27 to May 7 2017. Altogether  there were 10 events with more than 100 cathletes pawticipating.


26 thoughts on “Winter Catlympics 2017

  1. Ciara from @hocusandciara is ready to compete! She has been testing out all the blankies in the house to see which one will be better for making biscuit snowballs!
    We have also asked some of our furfriends to please volunteer 😀

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  2. Hi there! Please edit your excel file, you put my name into the wrong category. It’s 5, tree climbing and not 4 paper shredding.
    Thank you!😽

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  3. Hi there!😻 My user name is @duman-russian-blue
    As a cathlete, I’m preparing for “winter fashion” and “super cat” categories.
    Good luck everypawdy!!!
    Best regards, Duman

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