The Big Unfollowing

Hello everypawdy,

we will be unfollowing everybody. I would really like the people who follow us only for the number to unfollow. There is no reason to have 28,000 followers if only 0,25 % engages. I would rather have closer-knit community than this.

I would like to ask everyone who knows us = reads the blog, reads the adopted cats shout-outs or, uses the #catsgatosgattii or just watches our account for the funsies to write me a direct message so I can add them after The Unfollowing is complete:)

I dont care how many followers you have or if you ever liked our pic, we are looking for true Catlandians,

  • those who love cats and want to protect them,
  • those who adopted, helped, saved, fed or petted a stray, homeless, injured cat
  • those who will not complain if we post fundraiser in the middle of the night because a cat on the other end of our planet needs amputation,
  • those who work in NGOs, shelters and at vet clinics
  • those who volunteer with cats
  • those who feed and help the strays and need food for them (we will help)
  • those who wish they could feed and help the strays
  • those who are willing to repost important info about cat care
  • those who will read our adopted cats shout-out stories and feel fuzzy and emotional,
  • those who are vegetarians or vegans
  • those who love really badly photoshopped pics of cats doing hooman stuff and being cheeky
  • those who consider sending pics on inst pawtiing (me)
  • those who claim they have negative/neutral feelings toward cats but inside they dream about petting them (I see you 🙂
  • and everybody else who is a good person because cats don’t discriminate…they just ignore XD

Thank you,

any comments are welcome.glag


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