This blog posts will be about the shout-outs we do @repurrblic_of_catlandia

You can ask for a shout-out if:

  • the profile says OPEN (if it doesn’t ask anyway, we often forget 😀
  • you have mostly (adopted/saved/you are a charity/good cause) cat account (if you don’t we can publish you as celebratory when we hit certain amount of followers)
  • You provide info about your cat(s): name, gender, age, how you got them, their hobbies, and their character…you can add anything you want.
  • we choose the pic (must be already published in your account) if you have a fave, let us know!

Asking for a shout-out is done through DM=direct messages only  – if you only tag us, we will not see it!

Shout-outs are for fun! Do not expect to gain million followers! You can expect likes, new furryfriends and lots of love 😀

We also share the pic on fb and twitter – if you don’t want that, let us know.

When you get a shout-out, please talk to the people who commented. It is your shout-out, they will comments on your story:D

Have fun!

Bez názvu


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