Purretzel´s victory and Purrthor´s Demise


iamliquidcat , and Simba Wolverine @simba_el_malandro assisted the #Purretzidentialcrew in chasing down Purrthor. With their help, we were able to drive Purrthor back to the edges of Loafopolis, but his evil force was too strong, and he escaped!

Here are some of the fearless army of supurrherocats that joined together to fight the evil Lex Purrthor: @soy_olvido @furrellbecauseimhappy_and_elz @aylinborcbakan @tommy_and_honey @diazgavilanes @gatita_bimba @godric_and_jojo_show @greguri_cats @a3jminis @crytothemoon Thankfully, Nopawdy was hurt, and the snacks and treaties were saved. Purrthor, though, he is a tough cat, and managed to narrowly escape this wave of the war, and slipped away into the night once again…

On a dark and dreary Caturday night in Loafopolis, the evil Lex Purrthor finally showed his evil face. In the dead of night, the Elite Purretzidential Crew, consisting of myself, Supurrcat, @jackandwallace, @iamyoursunshinee @collins_cats @kiki_and_the_boys @fatcathercules @lifeof_luigi @iampennylanescl @twiggy_sphynx @minos_achilles_atticus @sir_smittenkitten @ajaxcheetto @juli.thecat @grouchy_cat_oscar @snooki_milkstache @the.mr.moo, were able to track down the evil Lex Purrthor and were able to corner him and take him prisoner.He has been banished to the Feral Islands, stripped of his evil supurrhero pawers, and will live his life there with no treaties, and no tuna. Periodically, we will go and spray him with the water bottle to make sure he isn’t getting any evil ideas. And this concludes our Supurrherocat saga! Thank mew all fur helping us in capturing Purrthor! Catlandia is safe because of you all!


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