Purretzel Story

Catlandians!bez-nazvu It’s your Purretzident @purretzident_purretzel here, to introduce to you, the complete supurrherocat story for the history books:

Surviving the destruction of the planet Nypton, young Purretzel is sent by his father Purr-el to live among catkind on Earth. Under the parenting of Meowma and tiny hooman, Purretzel discovers that he was born with extraordinary loafing powers and pawtying abilities beyond imagination. Now living in Loafopolis, Purretzel takes up a job as the Purretzident for the Repurrblic of Catlandia and he starts to fall head over heals for fellow pawlitician, Rosita. But then Purretzel is also using his powers to help the better of catkind as Supurrcat, who the cats of Catlandia start turning to for help. But in the shadows, criminal genius Rex Purrthor, launches a sinister plan to make himself known by detonating two missiles in different parties of the repurrblic with only Supurrcat to oppose him. Will Supurrcat save us? Or will Purrthor’s plan succeed???


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